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Elevating Practice Performance

White Glove AI‑Driven New Annual Operating Income

Transformative Financial Impact
for Large Independent Practices
and Private Equity Physician Groups
Fast. Sustainable. Proven.
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Our clients witness a remarkable $29,162 EBITDA increase per provider annually.
That's a boost of $6.94 per encounter.

Zero Physician Disruption, ROI In 60 Days

With White Glove, you're not just adopting a solution, but a commitment to a rapid, sustainable improvement with zero disruption to physicians, achieving ROI in 60 days and significantly enhancing shareholder value.

Net New Operating Income

That’s $14,581,000 Net New Operating Income and Cash for a 100 Physician Practice over 5 Years.

This isn’t theory or promise. We’re proven. We’ve delivered these results across our customer base.

Significant Increase in Shareholder Value

If you are considering selling your practice or are part of a private equity physician platform already, PE industry experts value this net financial change for your practice at 11X EBITDA.

That’s $32 million in additional valuation where we’ve delivered $2.9 million in new annual operating income for a 100 physician practice.

Learn How Easy It Is
Request Our 15-minute Executive Only Briefing and Step into the future of financial precision for you practice with White Glove's AI-Driven Service.
The White Glove Experience

White Glove is Easy

First, our experts prepare a no-charge comprehensive analysis of your practice. Second, we quickly validate the projected results with you. Finally, we sign up contractually to deliver those specific results or you owe nothing.
Simply put, we are about actual results not potential results.
Our extreme confidence comes from having a 100% track record of White Glove success and 25 years of experience. We have references that are similar to you in size and specialty across the county.

Next Steps for Practice or Portco CEOs

Review the process to understand next steps for improving your EBITDA


Awareness and
Baseline Analysis
  • 25 minute executive leadership White Glove outcomes session


Calculate Your Specific Targets and Timelines
  • 90 minute session to collect specific information for your practice


Rapid ROI Implementation
  • Contract execution
  • 90-120 days to live date
  • Weekly pre-live Zoom


Monthly Coaching
  • Review AI-directed recommendations
  • Make continuous improvement adjustments

Begin Your Process. Get Results Now.

Experience and Credentials

We work with large brand name group practice clients in 33 states, with practice sizes ranging from 15 to 400+ providers.
We have a narrow focus on large platforms and practices in 7 key specialties, so we know the particular needs of our clients.
Our average client is 9.3x better than the national average for key outcome metrics.
We've assisted with over 834 million encounters.
Our clients receive an additional $24,097 of EBITDA per provider.
Our clients see material ROI results within 3-6 months with zero changes for your providers.

White Glove Service can have an immediate, positive impact on your organization.
Schedule a 15 minute appointment
to learn how you can achieve outstanding results or call us at 877.633.7226 x134.