Smart Revenue Cycle Productivity for Your Practice

We exist as a company to partner with physician practices to deliver world class revenue cycle productivity.
Our technology-enabled services improve productivity to over 6x the national average. What makes us unique from other healthcare technology companies is that we will contractually guarantee outcomes.
For the past 20 years, the critical rev cycle KPIs focused on denial rates, charge lag and AR days. Top performing practices solved all of these problems, but do not have a good way to benchmark and improve rev cycle productivity.
White Plume works alongside your existing EHR and PM systems to identify how fast and productive your rev cycle team could be, and then provide the technology-enabled services, analytics and expertise to get you there.

The White Glove services deliver on the promise of speed, quantifiable value, common sense, access to expertise, and proven results.

The vast majority of our clients come to us out of frustration.

We offer simple, easy, smart-technology-enabled services backed by two decades of expertise that sit adjacent to existing EHR and PM systems to create uncanny speed upstream in the revenue cycle and astonishing productivity improvements downstream.
We fine-tune and turbo-charge 31 million encounters per year to deliver clear results, savings, and better outcomes—all with contractual performance guarantees.

Our clients stay with us because of our proven results.

  • 31 million+ encounters/year
  • 3,600+ physicians
  • 44+ specialties
  • 34+ states
  • 1,250+ payors
  • 2 to 250+ physician practice sizes

We have 2 primary, smart technology-driven services

White Glove
Practice Optimization

White Glove Practice Optimization is a smart-technology-driven service that transforms overlooked critical revenue cycle elements, resulting in 1,347% average efficiency improvements.
The White Glove Practice Optimization now comes with a contractually committed performance OUTCOME GUARANTEE and substantial COST SAVINGS.

White Glove
Upstream Practice Velocity

White Glove Upstream Practice Velocity is a uniquely fine-tuned, smart-technology-enabled service designed for your specific practice and specialty to achieve maximum intake velocity.
We accelerate the front end charge capture using proven human to machine sprint entry processes that are proven to be the world’s fastest intake automation methodology. We work with over 30 major EMR brands. Getting started is quick and minimally invasive.

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