Private Equity Physician Platform Firms

Add $22K EBITDA and $300K in Enterprise Value Per Physician

Our White Glove Data Science Driven Solution Can Add $300 Million in Enterprise Value for a 100 Provider Group
Private Equity Physician Platform Firms

Add $22K EBITDA and $300K in Enterprise Value Per Physician

Our White Glove Data Science Driven Solution Can Add $300 Million in Enterprise Value for a 100 Provider Group

What We Do for PE Firms

  • Add $22K EBITDA per provider per year (net of our fees)
  • 33% of our value proposition is guaranteed
  • Add $300K in Enterprise Value per provider
  • Minimally invasive to operations
  • 6 months or less to see results
  • Zero physician change or impact
  • Add providers without growing encounter review headcount
Our average PE validate site has 432 providers with projected added EBITDA of $9.48 million per year. On average each client is projecting to add 755 more physicians over the next few years resulting in a projected $400+ million in Enterprise Value.*
* assumes 21 Encounters Per Hour (EPH) Baseline, 5X EPH improvement, Net Revenue Recapture of 1.5% year 1, $1.99 per encounter revenue leakage prevention, $28.76 labor cost per hour, 20% benefits, 22 patients per day per doc, 50 weeks per year, $1.25m net revenue per provider, $2k per provider per year and 30% NRR contingency.

How We Do It

We work with the key PE partners and platform CEOs, whose primary responsibility is maximizing valuation.

Using data science technology and expertise, our White Glove solution overhauls the encounter review process with high quality speed with zero impact to physicians. Results are realized in under 6 months. We also go at contractual risk for 33% of the value. This allows our PE clients to begin quickly and to add the benefits of our solution at a rate compatible for any acquisition or exit strategy.
Our technology and unique approach means 1 person can do the work of 5 while capturing $1.99 more per encounter on average regardless of EMR and specialty. We currently operate seamlessly with 48 EMRs in 45 specialties. By combining expertly curated analytics, data science, business analysis, collaborative coaching, prescriptive directions, and workflow customization, our White Glove PE clients perform at a minimum of 5 times the national average.
White Glove Solution: Data Science, Smart Automation and Expert Monthly Guidance

Average Improvement in EBITDA for PE Physician Platforms

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Average Increase in Enterprise Value for PE Physician Platforms

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The best place to start for a large physician practice is with EPH

The best place to start for a large physician practice is with Encounters per Hour (EPH). We work with your team to improve their productivity from their baseline EPH (national average is 21 EPH) to turn them into Rev Cycle Ninjas with a minimum target of 105 EPH. This means that 1 Rev Cycle Ninja can do the work that used to require 5 coder/biller/fixer/perfecters.

Improving EPH makes your Rev Cycle more scalable. Many of the clients we work with are in high growth mode, where encounter volume is rapidly increasing due to organic growth, M&A activity or both. Rather than the traditional approach of adding more people to the back office team to handle the additional encounter volume, these groups focus on improving productivity to turn their team into a group of Rev Cycle Ninjas who can handle the additional volume with zero additional staff. This is a highly scalable way to grow, that expands operating margin, EBITDA and enterprise value.


Learn more about EPH, the newest KPI for growing practices.

We either deliver or you don't pay.

Our Commitment to You

We will contractually commit to performance improvement for your practice, or you get your money back, no strings attached.

13.5X improvement

Our average White Glove client sees a 13.5X improvement in revenue cycle productivity.

100% track record

We have a history of success to back up our claims, with 100% track record of 5X improvement.

Zero client risk involved

We've taken on all client risk with our simple contract with guarantees written in clear language.

Rev Cycle Ninja Hall of Fame

Rev Cycle Ninjas are White Plume clients who have gone through the White Glove process and achieved a minimum EPH of 105, 5x better than the national average. These practices are in the top 1% of all practices across the nation in Rev Cycle Productivity while maintaining excellent coding accuracy and minimal Revenue Leakage.

Experience and Credentials

We work with brand name clients in 33 states, with practice sizes ranging from 15 to 251 providers.
We have a narrow focus on large, independent practices in 7 key specialties, so we know the particular needs of our clients.
We stopped selling software and will only sell outcomes.
All of our team members have a minimum of 9 years direct experience in revenue cycle technology and service.
Our average White Glove client is 13.4x better than the national average on a key revenue cycle productivity metric (Encounters per Hour per Coding FTE.)
We've assisted with over 834 million encounters.
We save clients a total of 78,963 hours of labor per month.
Last year we saved our clients 2.4 million hours.

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