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Congratulations to the newest Rev Cycle Ninjas at Brielle Orthopedics, who process 155 Encounters per Hour (EPH).
Ann Figueroa is the fearless leader and Administrator of Brielle Ortho, a busy multi-location 20+ provider ortho practice generating between 500-700 encounters daily. Surpassing the 155 EPH threshold means that it only takes 1-2 hours each day to ensure Brielle’s claims go out clean and get paid the first time by the payers.
In addition to running the practice, she directs the Revenue Cycle team at Brielle Orthopedics. During a large organizational transition, including changing their EHR, she brought billing in-house for the first time. Leveraging the White Glove process, Ann enabled her team to become 7x more productive than the national average in just 30 days after going live on a brand-new PM/EMR. She did this by focusing “on the process” so that her team could be more efficient when working “in the process.” If not for this relentless pursuit of efficiency, Ann’s team would have been close to double in size.
“We have a lot of claims, and everybody is trying to get away with minimal staff. Even if that isn’t your goal, there are just not any candidates out there to hire.”
Ann Figueroa, Brielle Orthopedics
Each Ninja takes one morning per week to work on encounter review (cleaning up the encounters prior to sending them out to the payer). This equates to 1-2 hours per day total. Once they have checked that off their list, they have the rest of their week back to work on prior authorizations, payments, and other important billing work to keep the practice running. Without White Glove and the productivity levels that they have achieved, Brielle would need 3.5 dedicated FTEs daily working on this part of the billing process.
One of the reasons that Ann was able to lead her team to such an early success is the effort she put on the front end in tandem with our White Glove experts. They worked together to build automation and rules that keep Ann’s team from having to touch or look at every claim, especially clean claims. They have adopted true exception only coding, and White Glove’s analytics reveal insights into each user’s performance, enabling tweaks along the way to ensure maximum productivity by all users. In short, they only touch claims that require human intervention.

“All the pieces that I get from White Plume work together to make my job easier and make things run much smoother for me from a management standpoint.”

Ann Figueroa, Brielle Orthopedics
Wendy Zezeney, Brielle Mccrickard, Christy Maier, Rachel Henrickson, and Sue Fox are the Rev Cycle Ninjas at Brielle. They have consistently met and surpassed their target of processing 105 Encounters per Hour, a contractual commitment by White Plume, and are averaging 155 Encounters per Hour today. Ann works with the White Glove services team to continue to identify automation opportunities that allow them to be even more productive while maintaining their excellent denial rate. They are just getting started, and we are excited to see their success continue.
“My team is willing to do whatever I ask them to do. They have jumped in with both feet. Some of them have a multitude of years of experience, others minimal experience, but together they work seamlessly. They can pick up what the other one is doing without question. They communicate so well together. They get along so well and are just a great team together. I couldn’t ask for a better team.”
Ann Figueroa, Brielle Orthopedics
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