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Congratulations to Rev Cycle Ninjas Araceli Ayala, Michelle Conley, and Lindsay Ermilio, who perform at 12x the national average in Rev Cycle Productivity.

Bringing the Billing Back in House

When IBJI decided to bring their billing back in house, Araceli was the superstar they chose to lead the team. Araceli has been using White Plume for 15 years, and her experience and expertise made her the perfect candidate to lead this team effort. Lindsay and Michelle joined her, and through Araceli’s guidance, the three of them became a team of Rev Cycle Ninjas in just 4 months.
These three Ninjas can process 252 Encounters per Hour. It would take a normal practice 8.5 FTEs to do the work that this team is doing. One of the keys to their success is data. Araceli uses the data provided by White Plume to look for trending problems. She quickly turns those trends into automation or edits so that the system can capture it. She knows that this is much more efficient than resolving the problem by manually reviewing the encounters.
“White Glove has helped with denials. We catch things before they go out the door, so there are fewer denials to work on the back end.”
Michelle Conley, IBJI
Because they are Rev Cycle Ninjas, they are able to benefit the financial state of the practice. Through their efficiency and accuracy, they have decreased their denial rate by 3% using White Plume. Not only that, but they have decreased their days in A/R. All their facilities are now at 20 days, which they had been unable to achieve before using White Plume.
When asked what they are able to do with all the time saved by their efficiencies, Araceli, Michelle, and Lindsey pointed to the ability to work on special projects, work on any denials, and prepare for the next day. Because they are so productive, they can reallocate their time to producing work that uses their unique skillsets and provides further value to the practice.
Araceli, Michelle, and Lindsay are at the top of their peers in Revenue Cycle productivity and accuracy. They help IBJI grow without needing to hire an additional 8.5 FTEs. They have improved the denial rate, days in A/R, and other financial metrics for the practice. In short, these three are rockstars.
Illinois Bone & Joint Institute Rev Cycle Ninjas
“I’ve worked with Araceli in the past. She has always been a great employee, always on top of it. She understands the processes and the impact that it has on the financials. She is like a superstar. And I hear great things from the clinics about what Lindsay and Michelle can do. It is a dynamo team!”
Mary Jo McManamon, Director of Revenue Cycle, IBJI
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