Victory Internal Medicine Success Story

Congratulations to Rev Cycle Ninja Jasmine Berrebi at Victory Internal Medicine for being 31x more productive than the national average EPH.

Overcoming the Accuracy + Productivity Dilemma

When the Rev Cycle team at Victory Internal Medicine began their White Glove project, they were all in and committed to improving their efficiencies. Through the White Glove project, the team at Victory was able to increase Encounters per Hour by 446% to 661 EPH.
Victory Internal Medicine's incredible outcome of 661 EPH is 31x more productive than the national average.
The first thing that Jasmine Berrebi, billing coordinator at Victory Internal Medicine, did was commit to the Exception-Only coding strategy. Many coding teams have the false belief that you cannot have both coding accuracy and coding productivity, and so they review every encounter to ensure accuracy. Jasmine overcame this belief, bought into the idea of Exception-Only, or reviewing only the encounters that need changes, and then slowly worked on adding automation and customized rules.
After a year of analytics review, coaching, and adjusting the rules and automation specific to the needs of their practice, Jasmine now performs at 661 Encounters per Hour, a key revenue cycle metric that measures coding productivity. She saves 123 hours per month compared to the national average.

"Now we're at 661 Encounters per Hour. We wouldn't be able to do that without White Plume."

Jasmine Berrebi

On top of their incredible productivity, Jasmine catches $1.82 per encounter in Revenue Leakage avoidance behind her doctors. At this rate, Jasmine helps to capture $52,285 per year in earned revenue that would otherwise have been missed. Her excellent results on top of her productivity are what make her a valuable asset to the Victory Internal Medicine team.

"We would like to congratulate the Rev Cycle Ninjas at Victory Health for their outstanding productivity achievements. It is no small feat to outperform the national average by 31x. It is a privilege to work with such a top-performing practice."
Matthew Menendez, President White Plume
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