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Analysis for Your Practice for Rapid Business Improvement with Material Financial Impact


Executive Summary

The following analysis details financial and efficiency gains that are sustainable and achieved quickly. This report was prepared exclusively for Your Practice utilizing available data, specific to your practice.
In the new normal, independent practices are under pressure to find money to implement new processes, handle new patient demand patterns and change core cost structures. Using smart-technology coupled with expert-curated analytics, prescriptive actions and meticulous guidance, we’ve engineered an outcome-based solution (called White Glove), which quickly improves an overlooked KPI. The bottom line impact for an independent practice is material with no impact to physicians or operations.
Currently we serve 3,600 physicians covering 44 specialties in 34 states with 1,250 payors. Our consistent, reproducible outcomes with White Glove give us the confidence CONTRACTUALLY commit to performance improvements without hesitation – eliminating any fears or risk.
"It's like exchanging nickels for quarters every day with no effort required. Found money in today's environment with contractual protection is not only easy but very quick to achieve."


Your Minimum Expected Performance Improvement


Your Improvement (using our client average)


Although not contractually guaranteed, your results using the average improvement achieved across our entire White Glove customer base.
Your Improvement (adopting our best practices)


Your results using the average improvement documented in the top 50% of our White Glove clients.


Your 5 Yr Net Cost Savings (at outcomes-based, at-risk performance levels)


These net cost savings are at the outcomes-based, at-risk performance level only. Our fees have been subtracted from the gross hard cost savings. Therefore, the cost savings presented above are net to the bottom line. Our average White Glove clients achieve higher level results.
Your 5 Yr Revenue Leakage Improvement (using the White Glove average)


Revenue leakage improves above baseline averages for human or software only processes as a natural, positive benefit of our service. Your bottom-line would improve by a net $1.18 per encounter based on our White Glove customer average.


Your 5 Yr Bottom Line Impact Potential
Because the hard cost savings and revenue leakage improvement happen quickly and continuously each month, there are opportunities to invest this annuity for even greater returns. For purposes of illustration we’ve chosen to show the impact of investing in immediate Physician Assistant hires. PA impact assumptions are based on actual customer experience and published research.
Bottom Line Impact Potential

Assumptions and Inputs

The following analysis details financial and efficiency gains for post-crisis business recovery and was prepared exclusively for utilizing your specific data.
This personalized report includes probable outcomes and at-risk performance levels achievable from our White Glove recovery solution. The personalized information is based on a variety of government reported data on your practice, your location, your payor mix, your encounter volume, your specialty, relevant knowledge from our national analytics repository, published research and actual customer data similar to your size, state, payor mix, EMR, claims and specialty.

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  • Main office: In with + location(s)
  • EMR:
  • # of providers:
  • Encounters per day:
  • Coding FTEs:
  • Surgical specialists in practice?
  • Independently owned?
  • Medicare procedures: +
This analysis and report are strictly CONFIDENTIAL: to be used by and White Plume only.
© White Plume, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Efficiency Gains

Efficiency Gains for Rapid Post-Crisis Business Improvement

The minimum level of performance improvement with our solution is % above your current level.
The key performance indicator overlooked by most practices is Encounters Per Hour per coding FTE or EPH. Based on independent research and our own market analytics the national average for EPH is 21. According to your inputs (or our initial estimates) your EPH is S1. Your White Glove ensured EPH is S2.
We can transform your practice in this overlooked revenue cycle area with our smart-technology-enabled service. Furthermore, we will go at-risk on this performance and related outcomes, or your practice pays nothing.
We will go
at-risk for this performance, or your practice pays nothing.
Our actual average customer results (as observed directly in our analytics) are substantially higher than the performance improvement that is contractually at-risk. White Glove customers that follow our best practice technology-informed suggestions and proven processes are experiencing results that are even higher.
Efficiency Improvement with White Glove Practice Optimization vs National Average
Efficiency Savings

Associated Annual and 5-Year Revenue Cycle Efficiency Savings

There are real, substantial annual net savings our solution can deliver from clinical revenue cycle efficiencies. The savings are available quickly and continue monthly.
Your Estimated Cost Savings (at the at-risk level of efficiency performance improvement)

(see total potential bottom-line benefit in the “investment analysis” section below)

over a 5 year period
Our smart service simply works along-side your EMR, so implementation and setup are very fast. You will see savings and a performance improvement immediately – in the first month. The savings and efficiency will continue after your practice recovers, giving you long term funds to fuel future initiatives as required.
The savings presented are NET to you. We have subtracted the fees for our solution already in order to give you a complete picture of the actual dollars available to utilize in the post coronavirus era.
As previously stated, if you do not see the performance improvement results you pay zero.
It is of course up to your practice when, where and how to invest the extra cash. However, the speed of the results allows our client practices to invest the money for an even greater return. Clients invest in expansion, equipment financing or hiring more fully-funded Physician Assistants (or something with a higher ROI): improving physicians' performance and adding substantially more to the bottom line.
NOTE: The additional invest benefit not included within the net savings number above. For an estimate of total potential improvement to the bottom line see the Investment Impact section below.
You will see savings and a performance improvement immediately – in the first month.
Revenue Leakage

Revenue Leakage Improvement

As a natural consequence of our smart technology platform, expert curated analytics and prescriptive actions, our White Glove solution finds hidden opportunities to avoid revenue leakage.
White Glove customers see $1.66 per encounter average revenue leakage improvement versus an average of $0.48 using a software only approach.
Our clients realize a net positive improvement in revenue leakage of $1.18 per encounter.
Even the very best human code review will miss earned charges. Learning over time, we flag these found opportunities thru our experts, analytics, process and smart-technology and reduce the negative impact. The result is that claims accurately reflect work performed. Our solution also finds and reduces per encounter liability, but the final result is consistently a net positive across our client base.
Revenue Leakage Avoidance per Encounter Comparison
5 Year Projected Bottom-Line Impact for Your Practice from Net Revenue Leakage Improvement
These numbers are not part of our at-risk performance indicators, but naturally occur on a monthly basis and are proven in our White Glove client analytics repository. There is no extra charge for this consistent benefit. No extra work is required from our customers. Therefore, the found money does fall directly to the bottom line.
Investment Analysis

Net Benefit Analysis from Investing Revenue Cycle Efficiency Savings and Revenue Leakage Improvement

To address the clinical resource gap needed to accelerate post-crisis business improvement faster, third party analysis suggests that investing the monthly hard cost, bottom-line savings from efficiency gains and revenue leakage improvement into hiring additional PAs is a wise choice.
In addition to improving physician quality of life during the post-crisis pressure, new PAs can provide bottom line additional value rapidly. Appointments can be accelerated, and higher volumes achieved. Since the Revenue Cycle Efficiency Savings presented above are NET to you and will be seen rapidly (i.e. starting in the first month), PA recruitment and hiring can begin quickly.
We estimate your practice could afford new PAs at no cost (using national averages for PA salary). For this analysis the assumption used for “does your practice have surgical specialists” is and then we applied the net value per PA to your practice.
The estimated NET bottom line impact of hiring the additional PAs (after subtracting all other costs including our fees) for post-crisis recovery is:
$P4 annually
$P5 over 5 years
There are other options of investing depending on your needs. Your practice can of course, pocket the new money, but having a new source of unexpected income opens new opportunities – especially since a portion is ensured and backed by our at-risk model. According to industry experts, with whom we have consulted, there are few alternatives better than investing your new funds into adding PAs.
New funded PAs for your practice will also provide manpower to efficiently manage and sustain more clinical activity for the long-term, not just during a business recovery cycle.
There are few alternatives better than investing your new funds into adding PAs.
Total Potential

The Total Potential Bottom-Line Impact

There are few solutions (if any) of which we are aware that are realized quickly and have this kind of material monthly impact without interrupting your operations or physicians.
White Glove represents substantial bottom-line impact potential when you combine the hard cost savings (from contractually committed performance improvements) with the naturally occurring net revenue leakage improvement and invest that monthly income on strategies with even higher returns. For purposes of illustration, we’ve chosen to show the net impact of investing this annuity in immediate Physician Assistant hires, outlined above, to produce your total potential.
Your 5 Yr Bottom Line Impact Potential of Efficiency Cost Savings, Revenue Leakage Avoidance Plus the Net Return from Investing in PAs
Performance Improvement

Likely Level of Performance Improvement

Your practice should expect to far exceed our minimum performance threshold.

Level of Improvement Average for White Glove

100% of our White Glove clients have achieved the minimum performance threshold, and an astonishing 82% have gone far above that level.
Our White Glove Practice Optimization solution goes far beyond our initial at-risk performance outcome. We continuously improve, fine-tune, and adjust our solution to your precise environment down to individual contributing elements while applying best practices by specialty, area, and processes.
Given the likely outcome improvement, based on the average achieved by all White Glove customers seen in actual, live customer analytics, should expect to see a S7% improvement.
These results can be fully realized within 8 months or sooner.

Level of Improvement Implementing Best Practices

The top 50% of our White Glove clients see substantially more gains.
These practices adopt our analytics-based adjustments, methods and automation quicker and have the mentality of being in the national performance elite. Based on the actual average performance of this group of our customers, your practice should expect to see improved outcomes of S11%.
All of our White Glove customers are continually improving. There is not a limit or change in price to see this level of results. The only requirement is the desire to do so.
The Guarantee

Understanding the At-risk Performance Outcome

Post-crisis business recovery does require rapid action and decision making.
Post-crisis business recovery does require rapid action and decision making. We ensure the minimum outcomes illustrated in this report through an at-risk approach designed to eliminate worry, fear and risk. The power of our smart software, our analytics, our precise application our knowledge, and proven customer results - not to mention 2 decades of experience - give us the confidence to offer an at-risk contract tailored to your goal and your timeline (even without this crisis).
For years, we offered software-only solutions for our customers. We became very frustrated that only a small number of clients were realizing the full, possible benefits. Our presentation and technology offering sounded like every other software vendor who showed POTENTIAL outcomes but leaving it to the customers to produce those results.
We tie our performance and risk to the minimum outcomes illustrated in this report to eliminate worry, fear and risk.
We made the decision to become an outcomes company, providing results - not software or services. Our White Glove solution was born. After seeing the real data and client success repeat 100% of the time, we re-engineered a contract to reflect that we sell outcomes, NOT technology.
Our contract is short, the outcomes that we commit to are written in an exhibit and there is no fine print. However, we do require a 20-minute EXECUTIVE-ONLY presentation before proceeding. After that meeting, we conduct a 45-minute VALIDATION exercise with your staff to make sure the numbers are correct and opportunity for success exists before we are willing to to go at-risk. If the validation comes back positive, we mutually agreed to the outcomes and timeframe. Results will be seen within the first month with minimum performance seen in 3-6 months. If we do not hit the numbers, all money is returned.
If you wish a no money trial period, we offer that option as well, but we share in the savings and our fees are higher.
The White Glove Experience

White Glove Experience by the Numbers

Our solution is very easy to implement (just a few days) and is backed by deep industry expertise and experience processing 813 million encounters.

Our experts...
  • review the analytics,
  • implement solutions,
  • consult with clients to drive continuous improvement,
  • are highly experienced, industry veterans,
  • love focusing on delivering results and not technology.

Our technology...
Our technology considers a quintillion (1018) analytic points.
We serve...









Delivering outcomes with integrity is what we do. Every day. Every month. Every year.
Next Steps

Next Steps for Rapid, Sustainable Business Improvement

We have experience quickly implementing alongside .
This crisis has created a high demand for our solution. In response, we’ve added capacity to help existing clients improve even more, as well as capacity to add new customers. There are limited open slots available.
Due to high demand, if you think you are interested now, you can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., between now and your appointment time by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. we sent and putting HOLD in the subject line. We will make every effort to reserve your place but cannot guarantee it.
These are available
implementation slots
as of .
In addition to this comprehensive, interactive report created uniquely for your practice, we’ve created a process for eliminating financial risk, making go-forward decisions move quickly and accelerating go-live.
Next steps are as follows:
  • 2

    Brief executive-only exploratory virtual meeting and explanation
  • 3

    Email follow-up to validate your practice numbers
  • 4

    Schedule an executive-only 20-minute presentation
  • 5

    Deliver executive-only briefing along with Q&A
  • 6

    Reserve an implementation slot
  • 7

    Schedule or conduct 45-minute validation meeting with staff (immediately following executive presentation)
  • 8

    Mutually agreed-to outcomes and timeframe are documented and placed in contract for consideration
  • 9

    Reference calls can be arranged with similar practices and specialties

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