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Our White Glove Practice solutions are smart-technology-enabled services that improve, accelerate and optimize medical practice revenue cycle elements. We add our solutions seamlessly to your environment and specialty-specific needs without changing your EMR/Practice Management system. Our White Glove Practice solution services are offerings of White Plume, headquartered in Birmingham, AL.

Unlike consultants, outsourcers, or software vendors, we focus on constructing solutions that are pragmatic and deliver. With over 20 years of medical practice improvement experience, we understand how to get results that matter. To that end, we deliver through an outcomes-based, at-risk contract model that reflects our belief in our solution, approach, and the value we deliver.

We improve throughput, accuracy, efficiency, cash flow, and reimbursement with UNCOMMONLY LOW RISK as it relates to change, cost, complexity, the future, the market, preferences, payor dynamics, and especially commitment. We provide better outcomes, continuous fine-tuning, and improvement providing what EMR software vendors left out and the missing on-going expertise to produce results. No gimmicks. No tricks.
We enhance the SPEED and EFFECTIVENESS of capturing charges, getting them into our customer’s system with high accuracy, however (paper, iPad, iPhone, notebook, etc.) and wherever (home, office, hospital, parking lot, golf hole, etc.) physicians want with little to NO CHANGE.
We focus on having those charges automatically and “SMARTLY” coded into your system, taking into account the avalanche of ever-changing payor rules, physician differences, specialty nuances, office tendencies, and insurance company denial technology CREATING SUPERIOR RESULTS.
We offer solutions that are very easy to implement (just a few days) and are backed by deep industry EXPERTISE and EXPERIENCE processing 31 MILLION encounters per year for over 3,600 physicians covering 44 specialties in 34 states with 1,250 payors in practices ranging in size from 2 to over 250 physicians.

Contact us today to set up an assessment or see a sample White Glove efficiency and savings gains analysis. If you like the results, let’s get started transforming your practice. Request a custom analysis and we’ll take care of the rest—guaranteed.

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