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Practice Optimization

Our smart-technology-driven service, White Glove Practice Optimization, can improve your critical revenue cycle efficiency by an average of 1,347% with a contractually committed performance OUTCOME GUARANTEE and substantial COST SAVINGS.
Try our White Glove Efficiency and Savings Calculator to see your specific practice’s projected results.

We custom fit our smart technology to your practice to deliver outstanding, contractually guaranteed results.

Experience and Focus

Our White Glove technology-driven service is a unique blend of intelligent, smart rules software that attaches seamlessly to your EMR and analytics-informed expertise. It achieves dramatic efficiency improvements, provides a contractual outcome guarantee, and unlocks the associated cost savings. It's designed and engineered from over 25 years of experience and focus on overlooked yet critical aspects of the revenue cycle of medical practices.

Custom Fit Solution

Our White Glove Practice Optimization service goes far beyond our initial guaranteed performance outcome. We continuously improve, fine-tune, and adjust our solution to your precise environment down to individual contributing elements while applying best practices by specialty, area, and processes.
The power of our software, the ability to precisely apply our knowledge, substantial experience, and customer results give us the confidence to provide a no-questions-asked money-back performance OUTCOME GUARANTEE. Read the White Glove Outcome Guarantee for Details.

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