What the Heck
is EPH?!

A Comprehensive Guide to EPH, the Newest KPI For Independent Practices

Most physician practices are overspending in their revenue cycle, losing upwards of $100,000 per year because they do not know how to measure EPH. If you lead a high-volume practice, want to reduce cost in your revenue cycle, and don’t know what the heck EPH is, this eBook is for you!
This eBook is written for practice leaders who want their Rev Cycle Team to not just be productive, but super productive. You do not have to be a Rev Cycle expert; in fact, it’s probably better if you aren’t. This short read will be well worth the time invested because we are the experts in helping high-volume practices achieve elite EPH.
You will learn:
  • Why and how to measure EPH
  • How to improve EPH
  • The difference between average and elite EPH
  • Most common challenges in reaching elite EPH status

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