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Why Us

New Operating Income for Your Practice from White Glove AI‑Driven Service

Why Us

New Operating Income for Your Practice from White Glove AI‑Driven Service

Your Pathway to Enhanced Valuation

Your Pathway to Enhanced Valuation

$29,162 EBITDA Increase per Provider

Annually, translating to $6.94 per encounter, optimizing financial performance.

Zero Disruption Commitment

Rapid implementation with no impact on clinical staff, ensuring seamless integration.

Quick ROI & Valuation Growth

Achieving ROI within 60 days with potential to significantly enhance shareholder value.

Proven Track Record

Demonstrated success across our customer base with substantial operating income improvements.

Exclusive AI‑Driven Financial Precision Solution

Tailored for independent practices and private equity physician platforms, leading to a net new cash increase.
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A Unique Solution

Unlike traditional software or service companies that offer potential results, White Plume stands out by guaranteeing material outcomes with minimal impact on staff. Our AI-Driven White Glove solution is unique, focusing squarely on delivering results, not just analytics or consultation. We've engineered our processes, technology, and team to ensure rapid, substantial financial improvements are not just a promise—they're a contractual commitment.
Our experienced AI-accelerated personnel work alongside your team, providing insights and strategies that are actionable and effective. This approach has allowed us to forge a path where others offer theories and promises; we deliver real-world, tangible results. White Plume is synonymous with financial precision, propelling practices into a future where operating income increases are not only expected but assured.

Watch 70 Second Testimonial Now

We deliver $29,162 of new EBITDA per provider per year ($6.94 / encounter) for our clients.
For a 100 doctor practice that means:
  • The Net cash result is $2,916,200 every year
  • Zero physician impact
  • The ROI begins in 60 days
  • An increase of $32,078,200* in shareholder value
* Assuming 11x EBITDA multiple
White Plume testimonial from large physician group practice

Next Steps for Practice or Portco CEOs

Review the process to understand next steps for improving your EBITDA


Awareness and
Baseline Analysis
  • 25 minute executive leadership White Glove outcomes session


Calculate Your Specific Targets and Timelines
  • 90 minute session to collect specific information for your practice


Rapid ROI Implementation
  • Contract execution
  • 90-120 days to live date
  • Weekly pre-live Zoom


Monthly Coaching
  • Review AI-directed recommendations
  • Make continuous improvement adjustments

Begin Your Process. Get Results Now.

Experience and Credentials

We work with large brand name group practice clients in 33 states, with practice sizes ranging from 15 to 400+ providers.
We have a narrow focus on large platforms and practices in 7 key specialties, so we know the particular needs of our clients.
Our average client is 9.3x better than the national average for key outcome metrics.
We've assisted with over 834 million encounters.
Our clients receive an additional $29,162 of EBITDA per provider.
Our clients see material ROI results within 3-6 months with zero changes for your providers.

White Glove Service can have an immediate, positive impact on your organization.
Schedule a 15 minute appointment
to learn how you can achieve outstanding results or call us at 877.633.7226 x134.