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The most productive practices improved the most in 2019

Leading practices that are more productive than their peers continue to improve their performance in the Encounters per Hour (EPH) KPI.

During 2019, the national average for coder productivity remained 23 EPH. Over the same period of time, top-performing practices improved productivity by 21.9%, from 141 to 172 EPH.

The top three factors leading to these productivity gains were (1) practice leadership focused on revenue cycle productivity (2) an unwillingness to be content with the status quo and (3) analytics data to empower productivity gains.

Collectively these practices saved 1.2 million hours in 2019 by improving their EPH performance. I am amazed by the creativity, hard work and collaboration between these practices and the White Plume team. I cannot wait to see how these same practices will improve their productivity in 2020!