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Congratulations to the team at Alabama Orthopaedic Clinics
for achieving an EPH of 150.
When it comes to Revenue Cycle Productivity, the staff at Alabama Orthopaedic Clinics know a thing or two. It all started when they made the switch from paper tickets to electronic charge capture.
"It allowed our physicians to transition to charge capture in an electronic setting when we were required to go to EHR. The change wasn't burdensome on the physicians and staff."
Since then, they have worked hard to improve efficiencies in their Revenue Cycle. They are performing at 7x the national average in Revenue Cycle productivity. They have achieved an EPH of 150 because they choose to follow the recommended workflow, which means that they only interact with encounters that require human intevention. They have overcome the "false choice fallacy," or the belief that productivity and accuracy are mutually exclusive. Choosing productivity actually led them to increased accuracy. They are able to capture an additional $2.59 in Revenue Leakage avoidance per encounter.
By undergoing the White Glove process, Alabama Orthopaedic Clinics continues to save 588 hours per month, which amounts to 3 FTEs. They also add $433,440 back in Revenue Leakage avoidance annually. They continue to push the bar of excellence higher as they increase efficiencies in their practice.

"Using White Glove has helped us increase our efficiencies and decrease FTEs. We have been able to process above the national average rate of Encounters per Hour with the use of White Glove."

Katherine McMichael, Business Office Manager
"Right now we are looking at PM systems. With going through that process, since we've been with White Plume for so long, I had just automatically assumed that White Plume was coming with us no matter what. I have since made sure that every PM vendor knows that White Plume has to be in that conversation. It is an important tool for us to do those efficiencies."
Katherine McMichael, Business Office Manager
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