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Des Moines Eye Surgeons Success Story

Congratulations to Des Moines Eye Surgeons for measuring EPH, leveraging analytics, and automating manual processes to improve rev cycle productivity by 857% and becoming White Glove Ninjas in just 5 months.

Overcoming the Accuracy + Productivity Dilemma

When Des Moines Eye first engaged with the White Glove process, they were wrestling with a common misconception facing most revenue cycle teams, that you must choose between coding accuracy and coding productivity. Given these two choices, and not wanting to miss revenue for the practice, they chose accuracy.
However, once the team began to look at analytics data to examine coding trends and productivity, they realized that they could increase their efficiency while maintaining the sharp level of accuracy required in their practice. Measuring Encounters per Hour (EPH), a key rev cycle metric that quantifies coder productivity, leveraging insightful analytic data, and expert coaching are the three key elements that allowed them to achieve excellence in this area.
"White Glove has been the best decision for our billing office. If you haven't made the decision to move forward, I strongly encourage you to do so. We had a great coach that listened to us, learned our processes and knew how to hit our target outcome."
Tina Mentzer, Billing Supervisor
Between May and October, in just 5 months, they increased their EPH from 21 to 201 which is an 857% increase. Not only that, but they maintained coding accuracy, and the team of White Glove Ninjas are able to trust the system to automate changes that they used to code manually.
The White Glove Ninjas at DMES are now performing at 307 EPH, which is over 14x more productive than the average ophthalmology practice. These Revenue Cycle Ninjas can accomplish their monthly work 139 hours faster than the average practice.
Des Moines Eye Surgeons White Glove Ninjas
"Congratulations from all of us at White Plume to the new White Glove Ninjas at Des Moines Eye Surgeons. It is quite an accomplishment to outperform the national average EPH by 14x. We are thankful to have the honor to participate in their success and celebrate their accomplishment of achieving elite productivity status and becoming White Glove Ninjas."
Matthew Menendez, President, White Glove Practice
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