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Congratulations to Tiffany Williams for achieving revenue cycle productivity that is 15x better than the national average.
When Heaton Eye Associates began the White Glove process, they were struggling with denials and a workflow that needed improvements. Tiffany was spending time on both the front end reviewing every claim and the back end following up on denials. She was working hard in the process, but they needed help working on the process to improve their workflow and get a handle on their denials.
They adopted the White Glove approach in January of 2021. Working in tandem with the White Glove services team, they rearranged their users so that Tiffany was the sole person in charge of reviewing their claims. Tiffany quickly picked up on the exception-only workflow, which meant that she only had to review claims with errors. At the same time, they worked to implement new rules and automation to catch the errors that were causing denials on the back end.
During this time, Tiffany also began working partially from home. This did not slow her down. In fact, her productivity increased tremendously.
Tiffany became 15x more productive than the national average in a span of 4 months. She can process 308 Encounters per Hour. Now she and the other revenue cycle staff team have time back in their day to handle other crucial tasks to the practice. Their claims go out the door in 1.5 days, and they have greatly reduced their denials.
“Tiffany is amazing. She is always willing to learn new thing, teach others, and help in the constant changes in charge posting/coding/editing portions of her job. Her dependability and sense of responsibility are unlike any I have ever seen. She is an asset to Heaton Eye Associates!”
Terran Smith, Administrator of Business Services
Tiffany, a White Glove White Glove Ninja
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