Kansas Orthopaedic Success Story

Congratulations to Revenue Cycle Ninjas Andra, Katie and Laura for becoming 10.9x more productive than the national average in just 7 months.

Productivity Improvements Amidst a Global Crisis

We would like to congratulate the incredible team of Revenue Cycle Ninjas at Kansas Orthopaedic Center. The revenue cycle team at KOC was already performing more than 4x the national average, but wanted to move from great to elite. From January to July 2020, their team in partnership with the White Glove experts improved their revenue cycle productivity by 163%.
Before beginning the White Glove process, the revenue cycle team at Kansas Orthopaedic Center spent time reviewing every single encounter to ensure coding accuracy. However, this meant that their productivity suffered. Like many practices, they were operating under the false choice fallacy, that says you cannot have both productivity and accuracy.
After working with experts, reviewing analytics, and measuring EPH, the revenue cycle team made critical changes in their revenue cycle processes. In a very short time frame their EPH increased from 87 to 229. This makes the team at Kansas Orthopaedic Center 10.9x more productive than the national average.
"We have a different thought process, which has helped us improve our efficiency. We know we can do better so the analytics and coaching are valuable tools for us. The White Glove team shows us best practices and what works for others to see if that would work for us. We are very happy with the results and highly recommend it!"
Andra Webster, Business Office Services Coordinator
"Congratulations from all of us at White Plume to Andra, Katie, Laura, and the rest of the team at Kansas Ortho for becoming Rev Cycle Ninjas. We are honored to be a part of your success in becoming 10.9x more productive than the national average."
Matthew Menendez, President White Glove Practice
Not only are Andra, Katie, and Laura so productive, but they are also incredibly accurate. They capture an outstanding $15.67 in revenue leakage per encounter. The value that they add to their practice is undeniable.
The hard work of these Revenue Cycle Ninjas at KOC led to this improvement in just 7 short months, saving time and money for their practice. Now they save an additional 39 hours per month in their revenue cycle, along with the time they already saved compared to the national average.
The Revenue Cycle Ninjas at KOC have become so productive that, according to Andra, "Now it's just a game we play." They continue to outdo themselves in productivity and accuracy. We are proud of their success!
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