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Orthopedic Associates of Hartford

Orthopedic Associates
of Hartford

Congratulations to Orthopedic Associates of Hartford for exceeding 117 Encounters per Hour (EPH), and a special shout out to Liz Reilly for achieving 297 EPH and performing in the Top 1% of all White Glove Ninjas!
The success of OAH comes from great leadership with clear objectives, aligned goals and measurable outcomes. Lisa Deming is the fearless leader of this “well oiled” coding team and led the charge through the White Glove Process.
Their goals were to increase the coding team’s production rate (measured by Encounters per Hour), improve workflows, and eliminate the erroneous edits and work that was slowing the crew down. To do this, she partnered with the White Glove (WG) experts to help identify these gaps. She leveraged WG’s deep analytics and process to review, implement and refine these changes and coach her team along the journey.
OAH is a busy orthopedic practice with over 40 physicians, 20 PA/NPs and 30 + physical therapists across 14 locations in the Hartford, CT area. Averaging 20,000 encounters monthly, OAH leadership and coding team focused on improved productivity to be more efficient and highly productive while maintaining above average KPIs.
For White Glove Ninja, Liz Reilly, hyper productivity is what she needs to stay on top of her daily workload and address appeals. She has the highest assignment of practitioners across the team and “needs to rely on this in order to keep the doctors happy and meet the posting rate of 2 days.”
When asked how she was able to achieve 297 EPH, she answered “I trusted Lisa and the WG team to get the edits in place, and then I trusted the process that was put in place. I didn’t second guess or double check unflagged encounters.” Because of this, Liz could focus solely on encounters that needed her intervention and expertise and trust that the other encounters were either clean or corrected through automation.
“Congratulations to Liz Reilly for her incredible achievement of not only reaching White Glove Ninja status but reaching the top 1% among this already prestigious group. We are very proud to work with clients like OAH and look forward to their continued success.”
Matthew Menendez, President White Plume
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