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Congratulations to surgery coders Patricia Cerone, Amanda Melendez, and June Bergman, who process 134 Encounters per Hour.

Transitioning Surgery Paper Coding to Electronic Charge Entry

When OrthoConnecticut transitioned their PM system, they decided to bring surgery coding off paper and onto White Plume. Amid this huge transition, when charges were likely to be lost in the chaos, they knew they needed a single source of truth. Patricia, Amanda and June, surgery coders at OrthoConnecticut, worked hard to make this transition as seamless as possible with the help of White Plume.
The switch from paper tickets to electronic charge entry through White Plume has been a tremendously positive change for their surgery team. Not only were Patricia, Amanda, and June able to capture their high-dollar surgery charges more accurately, but they are now doing it 6x faster than the national average. This productivity is vital for the health of their revenue cycle.
“If you took White Plume away, we would need more people.”
Amanda Melendez, Surgery Coder
One of the keys to their success has been the White Plume services, including building in automation and custom rules to allow them to only touch encounters that require a change. The White Plume team works hand in hand with the surgery coders at OrthoConnecticut to build custom automation and rules that uniquely fit their circumstances.
Having the right tools in place is important, but productive and accurate coding can only be achieved by the people on the ground. Patricia, Amanda and June are excellent at what they do. They know how valuable it is to capture every dollar earned, and to move it quickly through the billing cycle. Without their hard work, the practice would not function properly.
“White Plume is software and services combined. White Plume are the ones to help us even if it’s not a White Plume issue. It’s always good and easy.”
June Bergman, Surgery Coder
“Our coders are awesome. They are fast, they know their stuff, they are detail oriented, and they catch things. They are very good. We’re very lucky.”
Kathe Cook, Billing Manager
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