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Orthopaedic &
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Congratulations to White Glove Ninjas Kim & Kristin at OSC for being 7x more productive than the national average in Revenue Cycle productivity.
Kim Cologgi, Business Manager at OSC, is someone who understands the value of efficiency. Having already used White Plume at a previous company, she saw how much it enhanced their productivity and accuracy. Kim immediately led the charge for improving efficiencies at OSC.
The workflow at OSC already included a built-in scrubber in the EHR, but Kim knew that it was not sufficient for their needs. For their workflow to be efficient, she needed the ability to build custom rules based on the specific needs of their practice. That is why she got the team on board with White Plume and the White Glove process.
Kim and her teammate Kristin immediately implemented automation as well as an exception-only workflow. They trust the system and only spend time on encounters that require human intervention. All of this is the reason they can maintain an EPH of 142, which is 7x more productive than the national average. As a result of their efforts towards productivity and efficiency, Kristin can handle the charges for the entire clinic by herself. She is a Revenue Cycle Ninja, performing the work of 7 staff members on her own.
In one month alone, their productivity saved the clinic 187 hours (more than an entire FTE). If they had done the same amount of work at the national average rate of productivity, it would have taken them 228 hours. Instead, it only took 41 hours.

"Kim has integrated her expertise, technology and processes to create an outstanding Revenue Cycle for OSC. She chose White Plume Technologies that enables customization of charge capture and claim edits to minimize denials and maximize productivity and collections. White Glove analytics provide an assessment of overall productivity and identify even more opportunities for improvement. We are extremely fortunate to have Kim and Kristin on our team!"

Alan Leybold, Administrator
"Kim and Kristin are absolute PROs at this process! If my entire client base were like them, I would be out of a job."
Shelly Wiggins, White Plume Client Account Executive
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