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Raleigh Ortho Clinics

Congratulations to Christy Hill, Revenue Cycle Ninja at Raleigh Ortho,
for acheiving an EPH of 246.
Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic performs at 11x the national average in revenue cycle productivity, making them White Glove Ninjas. They worked hard to update their forms, implement automation, build in custom-rules, and adjust their workflow. They listened to expert coaching, reviewed analytics, and continued to make improvements bit by bit.
It took them five months to become Revenue Cycle Ninjas. Now, they have more than doubled that productivity at an EPH of 241. That is a 159% increase since their first run of analytics back in March of 2018.
During their last run of analytics, they completed their work in 40 hours. If they had performed the same work at the national average, it would have taken them 463 hours to complete. In just one month alone, the coding team saved Raleigh Ortho 422 hours, which equates to 2 FTEs for the practice.
One of the reasons they are so productive is because they keep their Unprompted Changes below .4% of their encounters. Unprompted Changes are changes that rev cycle employees make to encounters without the system notifying them to make a change. By keeping this number low, the coders only look at encounters that require human intervention. This saves them time and allows them to be super productive and have super accurate results.
"Congratulations to Raleigh Orthopaedic from all of us at White Plume. You were committed to making changes, and the results do not lie. It is quite an accomplishment to outperform the national average EPH by 11x, and we are honored to celebrate your success as White Glove Ninjas."
Katherine Bear, White Plume Client Account Executive
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