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Summit Orthopedics Success Story

Congratulations to the incredible team of White Glove Ninjas at Summit for reaching 824 EPH (encounters per hour), over 38X the national average.

Outstanding Revenue Cycle Performance

Summit Orthopedics is a large orthopedic practice providing excellent care to the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota and Wisconsin. This group of White Glove Ninjas is excellent at achieving revenue cycle outcomes. They performed at 246 Encounters per Hour in 2017, already 11x the national average.
Despite already being a top performing practice, they devoted themselves to improving the process, automating as much of the work as possible, and showing "what success at Summit looks like." They used the data in analytics, followed coding trends and productivity, and made changes along the way to improve both productivity and accuracy. Because of the hard work of revenue cycle staff Amy Sofie and Dani Caron, Summit Orthopedics reached a White Glove record of 824 EPH, a 235% increase from their starting point. The entire practice reaps the benefits of their hard work.
On top of their outstanding encounter per hour, the incredible team of White Glove Ninjas at Summit also capture $4.21 per encounter in Revenue Leakage avoidance. Amy, Dani, and the rest of the rev cycle team have a 6 figure positive impact on the practice as a result of their efforts.
"We thought quite outside the box on this. We went further to ensure that the coders were as efficient as possible. That also saves them even more time on the back end working their own denials. By watching our denials, we can trend things, create new edits, and then hopefully save both our denial team and our coders more time on the back end."
Amy Sofie, Director of Revenue Cycle
The success that Summit Ortho has achieved in their revenue cycle is even more significant because of their size. With over 30,000 encounters a month to process, the revenue cycle team at Summit performs their work 1,713 hours faster each month than the average practice. This saves them nearly 10 FTEs. The Revenue Cycle Ninjas at Summit continue to drive their EPH to new heights, setting a standard of excellence for others to follow.
"They actually got recognized as Revenue Cycle Ninjas, and we're very proud and happy for our coding staff that just do a tremendous job for us."
Adam Berry, CEO
Summit Ortho Revenue Cycle Ninja, Amy Sofie
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