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The Eye Center

Congratulations to White Glove Ninja Kelly Heater who performs at 5.6x the national average in rev cycle productivity.
When The Eye Center began the White Glove process back in 2019, they processed 32 Encounters per Hour (EPH). This is above the national average of 21, but they had plenty of room to improve. At the time, they were manually reviewing every encounter. They made Unprompted Changes, meaning manual changes without an edit, on 73% of their encounters. They needed to change their workflow in order to improve their efficiencies.
Our team of White Glove experts worked with Kelly and the rest of The Eye Center team to implement automation and custom edits. These allow Kelly to only spend time reviewing encounters that require human intervention. Through behavior coaching and analytics, the White Glove team helped Kelly change her workflow so that she no longer manually reviews each encounter. She now makes Unprompted Changes on less than 1% of encounters, and she does not waste time reviewing encounters that are ready to go out the door.
Between 2019 and today, Kelly increased her productivity by 272%. She processes 119 Encounters per Hour. Kelly saves The Eye Center 127 hours per month by performing at such high levels of productivity, earning her the title of White Glove Ninja.

"Thank you for being a great client. We are thrilled to spotlight and celebrate Kelly!"

Shelly Wiggins, Client Account Executive
"White Plume Technologies has been an asset to managing the billing procedures in the practice. Rule customization screens flag us to review only a fraction of encounters, ones that need corrections, and at the same time process hundreds of encounters seamlessly every day. With time saved, we can focus on other billing tasks. It's a time saver!"
Michael Rewolinski, Administrator
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