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The Orthopaedic Group, P.C.

The Orthopaedic Group Success Story

Congratulations to the Revenue Cycle Ninjas at TOG for being 5x more productive than the national average in EPH.

Paving the Way Forward

The Revenue Cycle Ninjas at TOG in Mobile, AL were the very first to undergo the White Glove process. They were trailblazers in Revenue Cycle efficiencies, paving the way for future practices to experience the same outcomes. With dedication to improvement, a commitment to the data, and expert coaching, they achieved a 5x improvement over the national average in their EPH in a few short months. With these efficiency improvements, they went from spending 36 hours per day to 4 hours per day in their charge review process.
When Brandi, Jan, and the other revenue cycle staff at TOG began White Glove, they knew they were spending too much time on their revenue cycle processes. At the time, they were not able to quantify how much they were investing to get the level of accuracy that they achieved. Not only that, but TOG was experiencing new growth on an almost daily basis. They needed to improve their efficiencies to keep up with the pace of the practice.
After partnering with our experts and analyzing the data, the future White Glove Ninjas realized they were spending 36 hours per day coding claims. This realization sparked a necessary change for them.
"Looking at those analytics and really grasping how much time was wasted was the fire that we needed to light
and get us moving in the right direction, into a more automated direction."
Jennifer, CFO
When they got to work improving their process, the White Glove Ninjas at TOG were able to cut the time spent on revenue cycle processes down from 36 hours to 4. That is an 89% improvement in productivity that they achieved in a few short months. They really are "ninjas" when it comes to revenue cycle outcomes.
Not only are the team at TOG highly efficient, but they are also incredibly accurate. They recently began to quantify their revenue leakage avoidance numbers. These Revenue Cycle Ninjas capture $5.45 per encounter in revenue leakage avoidance behind their providers. This means that they are capturing an additional $784,869 in revenue leakage avoidance annually.
We are so proud to get to work with the Revenue Cycle Ninjas and the rest of the outstanding team at TOG. They truly are trailblazers in revenue cycle outcomes, and we are thankful to partner with them.
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