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Summary for Skeptics

After 20+ years in the healthcare technology industry we understand a healthy level of skepticism. If you're fed up with software companies that overpromise and underdeliver, you are not alone. That is why we flipped our business model to provide outcomes instead of software.

Our Commitment to You

We will contractually commit to performance improvement for your practice, or you get your money back, no strings attached.

13.5X improvement

Our average White Glove client sees a 13.5X improvement in revenue cycle productivity.

100% track record

We have a history of success to back up our claims, with 100% track record of 5X improvement.

Zero client risk involved

We've taken on all client risk with our simple contract with guarantees written in clear language.
We either deliver or you don't pay.

Experience and credentials

We work with brand name clients in 33 states, with practice sizes ranging from 15 to 251 providers.
We have a narrow focus on large, independent practices in 7 key specialties, so we know the particular needs of our clients.
We stopped selling software and will only sell outcomes.
All of our team members have a minimum of 9 years direct experience in revenue cycle technology and service.
Our average White Glove client is 13.4x better than the national average on a key revenue cycle productivity metric(Encounters per Hour per Coding FTE.)
We've assisted with over 834 million encounters.
We save clients a total of 78,963 hours of labor per month.
Last year we saved our clients 1.2 million hours. Our goal is to save our clients 2.4 million hours in 2022.

White Glove Average Encounters per Hour Improvement Over Time

A 20 provider practice with a 5x improvement in Encounters per Hour saves 2 FTEs, or $115,040 annual savings.

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