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Top 5 Reasons
Your EPH Is Too Low

We've researched and analyzed over 16 million encounters across 100+ large independent practices and discovered a missing revenue cycle KPI that most practices do not measure.
Encounters per Hour (EPH) is a mid-revenue cycle productivity metric that analyzes the amount of time practices invest to ensure that claims are paid completely and correctly the first time.


Most independent practices realize it is critical to protect physician productivity and make sure not to turn doctors into coders. As a result, after clinical staff complete EHR templates and generate coded encounter data there is a necessary post encounter coding process to review, correct and perfect coding data. The good news is that clinical staff perfectly codes encounter data 52% of the time.

Practices with outstanding revenue cycle KPI's including denial rates less than 5%, clean Accounts Receivable, and low charge lag often ask a great question...

"How much do we invest to create these revenue cycle outcomes?"

This was an excellent question we started hearing from clients 4 years ago and was the catalyst for our research into EPH. The national average is 21 EPH, however top performing practices we work with now average 283 EPH, which means they need 13x fewer coding hours to deliver these outcomes.

Our top performing practices outperform the national average by 700 to 900%.

Top 5 Reasons Most Practices Have a Low EPH:

1. Habit or Requirement to Review Every Encounter

Many experienced coding staff have spent years reviewing every single encounter out of habit or complusion. It is impossible to reach a high performing EPH when this is your workflow.

2. False Choice Between Accuracy and Productivity

The reason coders review every single encounter is because they believe this is the only way to maintain excellent coding accuracy. With the right tools in place, you can achieve accuracy and productivity at the same time.

3. Local Coding Knowledge in Individual Coders Rather Than Systemized

Systemizing your coding knowledge removes the element of human error and increases your productivity potential.

4. Lack of Data or Analytics Around Coding Change Rate, Frequency and Trends

You cannot manage what you cannot see. Analytic data helps you see what needs to be automated or changed to drive your EPH up.

5. Lack of Leadership Support for Behavioral Change Required for Top Performing EPH

Changing behavior is hard. Only highly motivated teams with leadership investment and support will reach top performing levels of EPH.

To achieve a top performing EPH, schedule an appointment with one of our specialists.

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