The White Glove Story

We're a smart technology enabled service company that provides solutions to improve, accelerate and optimize medical practice revenue cycle elements. Our solutions fit seamlessly into your environment, EMR/Practice Management system and specialty-specific needs.

Our Story

We have worked in the healthcare technology space for over 20 years, worked with over 3,600 physicians across 44 different specialties, 34 states, with 1,250 payors, and have accumulated a deep expertise in the healthcare industry.
A few years ago, several clients began asking questions that sparked a change in our business model. These CEOs and CFOs of large practices knew that they had excellent revenue cycle KPIs, but they suspected that despite meeting MGMA benchmarks, they were overstaffed. These practices leaders wanted to measure how much they were investing to create these excellent revenue cycle outcomes.
It was a great question, and until now, there was no good answer.
After digging deeply through data, processing over 31 million encounters per year and working with over 100 clients, we discovered that there was a missing revenue cycle KPI. We call this KPI Encounters per Hour (EPH). It measures mid rev cycle coding productivity. Our top performing practices outperform the national average by 1,347%. These elite practices are able to generate outstanding outcomes at a much lower cost.
Because of this, we flipped our business model upside-down. Instead of delivering just software, we deliver contractually committed outcomes to our clients. This is our White Glove service.

Our top performing practices outperform
the national average by 1,347%.

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