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The Importance of Celebrating Revenue Cycle Team Success

EPH Celebration

Once you have measured, communicated, and improved on your Revenue Cycle productivity, it is absolutely essential to celebrate that success. Here at White Plume, we have a fundamental value of "Celebrate Success." This is the quote from our employee handbook:

"Catching people doing things right is more effective than catching them doing things wrong. Regularly extend meaningful acknowledgment and appreciation in every direction and throughout our company."

The reason this is one of our fundamental core values is because when people feel acknowledged for the things they do well, they are more likely to continue that behavior. Positive reinforcement begets positive results.

Why Celebrating Success is Difficult

Revenue Cycle employees are often overlooked until something goes wrong. That is because they work between the doctors and the payors, which is like being stuck between a rock and a hard place. They do not want to force doctors to become coders, but they must meet all the nuanced payor requirements for the practice to get paid. If they are doing their job well, and the practice is getting paid fully and on-time, the good work that they do goes unnoticed. If a mistake is made, they are often scrutinized because mistakes mean lost revenue for the practice.

These employees do good, important work, and they deserve to be celebrated when they are doing a good job. That is why we initiated our Revenue Cycle Ninja Hall of Fame. We like to brag on our clients who are performing at least 5x above the national average. That is outstanding work that needs celebration and attention.

Examples of Celebrating Success

Here is an example of a client celebration, even during COVID. Des Moines Eye hit the target goal that we had set out to achieve. We worked on it for about six months. In our pre-COVID days, we would celebrate onsite. While we are not able to do that right now, we were able to send them these cool Rev Cycle Ninja t-shirts and celebrate with back-office rev cycle employees that do not usually get that opportunity. Measuring productivity through the "Encounters per Hour" KPI helps rev cycle teams not only communicate and improve performance but also celebrate.

DMES ninja photo smaller

Another group, Kansas Orthopaedic Center, started working on this about nine months ago. They were at 30 encounters per hour, and they are now up to 126 encounters per hour. They exceeded the target that they had set, but what they appreciated the most was the Revenue Leakage avoidance number. Their revenue cycle employees capture $15.67 in Revenue Leakage avoidance per encounter. In a high-volume surgical specialty, that number is going to be higher than it is in a primary care environment. For this team, knowing their Revenue Leakage avoidance number gave them a sense of pride. They realized that behind the doctors they capture over a million dollars a year of preventing what could have been Revenue Leakage for that practice. Being able to quantify that allows them to communicate well, perform well, and celebrate well. They are able to show their doctors that their captured revenue and performance of 126 Encounters per Hour at 7x the national average is worthy of celebrating.

If you are not measuring EPH today, we have a comprehensive guide to help you understand why and how you should begin measuring this KPI in your practice. Download your free copy of our eBook, What the Heck is EPH?!

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Without measuring their performance, these employees and their leaders would not be able to celebrate their success. Because the work they do is repetitive, it takes data to reveal how well they are performing. Once you begin using EPH to measure Revenue Cycle productivity, you can communicate clearly with your team, improve your performance, and celebrate the success that you achieve together.

If you want help measuring your EPH, or if you want to know more about the ROI this would have in your practice, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or request a custom practice analysis.